Whitpain’s Board of Supervisors likely to select between Mermaid Park and Whitpain Dog Park for future community center on February 20th

During the February 6th meeting of the Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors, there was a presentation from the consultants working on the community center project. The supervisors are now at the point where they need to decide between constructing the community center at Mermaid Park or the Whitpain Dog Park. You can watch the presentation here (the presentation starts at the 13:11 mark).

“As the architectural team continues their work in the weeks and months to come, plans will become much more detailed and more refined,” said Board Chair Scott Badami. “At this juncture, the architects have two conceptual exhibits showing how the proposed community center could fit at the locations we are considering. The $10 million dollar donation the Township received will pay for a center that is approximately 30,000 sq. ft., but additional phases shown in the exhibits will only move forward if supplementary funding from grants is received.”

It is anticipated that the site selection will be on the February 20th agenda for the supervisors.

Photo: Screengrab from Whitpain Township’s video