Wissahickon High School’s Katie Lu to have her play dealing with racism against Asian Americans stream online starting February 19th

Katie Lu, who is a junior at Wissahickon High School, is set to debut her play, “Pandemic,” as a radio play beginning February 19th and running through February 28th. In 2020, Lu was first place winner at the Philadelphia Young Playwrights’ Annual Playwriting Festival for writing the play. Lu was profiled on February 18th by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Below is a description of “Pandemic”:

“Pandemic” is a politically charged piece that explores racism, both externalized and internalized, through the eyes of two starkly different generations–the 1930s and modern day 2020. It portrays how racism exists today in subtlest ways that are easily missed but also in violent, hateful ways like that of a hundred years ago. It also sheds important light on the Chinese Exclusion Act, an often overlooked part of our history that is not taught in schools, and draws a parallel between those acts and the rise of anti-Asian-American sentiment with the COVID-19 crisis. However, in such a bleak story, I see my play as a sense of hope. The younger generations are turning over the world and sparking change.”

Details on streaming can be found here.