Wissahickon School Board and staff come to agreement on new contract

The Wissahickon Board of School Directors and the Wissahickon Education Alliance (WEA), which represents the district’s teachers and support staff union, have come to an agreement on a new three-year contract that covers salaries, benefits, and other conditions of employment for the period July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2025.

The Board of School Directors voted to approve the agreement during a special meeting on July 21st. The WEA approved the contract on July 18th. The contract will be retroactively applied to all employees as of July 1st.

“We have lots of important work to do in public schools, and it is a tremendous advantage for us here in Wissahickon to have this three-year labor agreement in place,” said Dr. James Crisfield, superintendent of schools. “The bargaining process was lengthy, but respectful and civil on both sides at all times, and I am very appreciative of the example that sets for our students and community.  The new agreement’s provisions are fair and reasonable, and enable us to continue to attract and retain a teaching corps and support staff that is second to none.”

“I was very excited and proud to present this contract to my members,” shared T.J. Carosello, chief negotiator & co-president of the WEA. “This contract is proof that the WEA and the Wissahickon School District can come together to recognize the dedication and efforts of the teaching and support staff, while keeping the best interests of the Wissahickon community in mind. I am relieved that we were able to reach a settlement without it becoming a distraction as we begin the 2022 school year.”

The agreement provides for support staff raises of 3.4% in Year 1 and 3.2% in Years 2 and 3. The professional staff raises are 2.99% (Year 1), 3.75% (Year 2), and 3.83% (Year 3).  The cost of these increases is partially offset by savings from changes to the district’s prescription drug plans. Other minor language changes in the agreement were agreed upon as well.