Wissahickon School District’s administration recommends in-school instruction for all students with masking for younger students

During a special meeting on July 12th, Wissahickon School District’s Superintendent Dr. James Crisfield outlined the administration’s recomendation to the school board for how to operate the schools for the 2021-2022 school year.

In a series of slides, Dr. Crisfield outlined the key details on what drove the recommendation and then outlined the plan for each grade.

For the upcoming school year, the administration recommends a return to in-school instruction, while still offering virtual instruction to those who request it. The virtual instruction will be from the Montgomery Virtual Academy, which is being offered from the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. A hybrid option will not be offered.

For grades kindergatrtern through sixth, masks will be required of students and staff while indoors. For seventh through 12th, masks will be optional. Staff will be able to wear faceshields if they choose while teaching (this is to allow students to better understand the teacher).

The recommendation is to not require vaccinations (unless required by a higher authority).

Classrooms will return to a traditional setup with distancing when possible.

The recommendation will now be considered by the school board during a special meeting scheduled for July 19th.

Below are the slides of the presentation and complete video from the meeting.