Wissahickon Valley Public Library to Host Read to a Dog Program

The Wissahickon Valley Public Library will host a Read to a Dog program on Monday, November 5th at 4pm. Elementary aged children will have the opportunity to read a book to either Macey or Bella, register for time with either of these dogs here.  This program will take place at the WVPL Blue Bell location

During their time, the dog and child will be able to sit together while the child practices his or her reading skills without the pressure of reading aloud in front of others.

According to the Therapy Dogs International website:

Some children develop difficulties in reading, which may result in low self esteem and self-conciousness when reading aloud in front of classmates. By reading to the dog, all threats of being judged are put aside. The child is able to relax and focus on the reading.

Improving the child’s reading skills is a major benefit of this program because it takes away the pressure and allows the child to practice the skill of reading.

Many children naturally love animals, so when a child knows he or she will be reading to a dog, they become more excited and motivated about reading.