Wissahickon’s Natatorium Construction Coming to a Close

Wissahickon’s Natatorium Project will be completed as of October 17, 2017. The Architects behind the project , Breslin, Ridyard ,Fadero describe the addition:

The Natatorium and Central Plant addition provides state-of-the-art swimming facilities and an upgraded mechanical system to the existing Wissahickon High School originally constructed in 1963. The swimming pool will replace the overtaxed and dated facility at the Wissahickon Middle School, and will be used for swimming and diving competitions, water polo matches, and recreational activities.  A stretch-25 configuration, it can accommodate diving and swimming meets simultaneously, with a spectator capacity of over 350 people. The Central Plant component replaces the original school mechanical equipment that has outlived its project lifecycle.  This project will provide more efficient sources of heating and cooling for the entire High School and allow for more flexibility in future construction and improvements to the High School Campus. The addition interfaces with the existing school with a new entry lobby that will support both the Pool and Wissahickon’s existing Round Gym, an iconic symbol of the school’s athletic program.  The inviting lobby is characterized by dynamic roofs that take their cue from the motion of a swimmer’s strokes, while the exterior is a blend of materials that knit the existing brick, regional Wissahickon Schist, and bright translucent elements to mark a new chapter in the life of the school.

For further information about the project, visit Breslin Architects Project Description here.