A Taste of Italy in Spring House

For over 22 years, A Taste of Italy has brought traditional Italian Food to the Ambler area through the hands and recipes of Mina Bompartito. Sundays are an important day in an Italian family’s life, a day when the family can sit down with each other and share the news of the week and catch up and enjoy a hearty meal of pasta, meatballs, another meat course and a salad. Keeping with the Italian tradition, Mina and A Taste of Italy offers an Italian Dinner, all four courses, for you to order and bring to your family!

Around Ambler visited A Taste of Italy on Sunday and was lucky enough to sample of this week’s Sunday Italian Dinner and also speak with Mina Bompartito about the restaurant, the food and why Ambler needs to have A Taste of Italy at their dinner tables.



Born in the Dominican Republic, Mina Bompartito learned Italian Cooking through marriage. She used to own another spot, Mina Cucina Rustica, but closed it in 2013 because running both was too much on her. Since A Taste of Italy was “her baby”, she decided to stick with it and this is to the benefit for those in the area who have a penchant for authentic Italian Cuisine.

The Sunday Italian Dinner at Mina’s Table consists of a pasta course, meatballs, another meat course which can be sausage, veal cutlet, stuffed pork loin, or any other assorted roast, and a salad. We tried the pasta and meatballs and can only say Fantastico!



We also tried the stuffed pork loin (another delicious dish) as well as some other menu items – the Upside Down Pizza and the Buona Notte Sandwich. “Buona Notte” translates from Italian to English as “Good Night”. Mina told us the sandwich carries that moniker because after eating it, you’ll need to take a nap due to the amount of meats! This authentic Italian Hoagie has pepper ham, proscuitto, mortadella, hot capacolla, sweet sopressata, salami toscano and sharp provolone…and Mina’s “secret seasoning”. Yes, when we got home, we took a nap.

At A Taste of Italy, nothing is ever frozen. They grind their own sausage and meat for meatballs. No preservatives are used and because of it, they have a loyal following.

“People don’t mind waiting when they come to pick up”, Mina said. “They know everything is being made fresh so they don’t mind waiting a couple of extra minutes.” We tried enough to know that’s the truth.



You can call Sunday morning to order the Sunday Dinner. Good news is they have plenty on their menu for every other day of the week as well. They cater too…which is great news since the Super Bowl is just around the corner. hoagie platters, and wings are just the tip of the iceberg. They have a la carte take-out trays like veal marsala, manicotti, fried ravioli…too many to list. Click here for their regular menu and here for their catering menu.

If you’ve never had A Taste of Italy…there’s no excuse not to try. Get over there right away and Mangia, Mangia.



A Taste of Italy is located at 901 Bethlehem Pike in Spring House. You can order Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Call (215) 653-7966…and speaking of the Super Bowl, how good would your party be with that hoagie below?