Abrupt principal change at Blue Bell Elementary School

The Wissahickon School District announced today that Dr. Concetta Lupo is no longer the principal of Blue Bell Elementary School effective immediately. While a reason wasn’t provided, the letter to parents stressed that it wasn’t due to any illegality or something that put students are risk.

Below is the note to parents:

Dear Blue Bell Parents and Guardians,

This note is to share the news that, effective immediately, Dr. Concetta Lupo is moving on from being principal of Blue Bell Elementary School.

As this is a personnel matter, I cannot share any of the reasons for this development, but I assure you that none involve anything illegal or anything that put anybody’s physical health or safety at risk. We have arranged for Dr. Gary Abbamont, our very recently retired Assistant Superintendent and a former (and very successful) K-5 principal in Wissahickon, to be the interim principal until June 17th. We will initiate a search for Dr. Lupo’s permanent successor ASAP and look to have somebody in place well before the start of the 2021-22 school year. You will be invited to help us develop a profile of the strengths and characteristics we will look for in the next Blue Bell principal.

With regard to Blue Bell students, please share this news with your child tonight in the way that you know works best. We are asking Blue Bell teachers to not discuss this with students today (all staff have been notified). On Tuesday (his first day), Dr. Abbamont will visit every classroom and introduce himself. He will also introduce himself to our students in virtual classrooms. He has a way with students that will immediately put them at ease, but this could nonetheless be upsetting to your child. Please notify your child’s teacher or the Blue Bell front office if you would like support for your child—we will be sure we have the necessary resources in place.

I know this news comes as a surprise, and I know the timing is not the least bit ideal (with so few school days left in the year). We will get through this together, and I assure you we will do whatever is necessary to ensure Blue Bell is a warm and welcoming place for all students and all staff.

Jim Crisfield