Ambler Borough Committee Meeting Tonight | Agenda

There will be an Ambler Borough Committee Meeting tonight at 7:30pm at Ambler Borough Hall.  Some of the new business on the agenda is:

  • There will be a Town Hall Meeting advertised for March 14th, 2018
  • PA Small Water and Sewer Program grant application.  The Water Department is preparing a grant application to the PA Small Water and Sewer Program  for the Butler Pike Water Main Replacement Project with a grant request of $4oo,775.
  • Trash Fee Resolution.  Consider adoption of a resolution revising the annual trash collection fee to $200 per year per dwelling unit as allocated in the 2018 budget.
  • SEPTA- Farmers Market Agreement. In the coming weeks Main Street will be requesting a renewal of the lease at the SEPTA parking lot for the Farmers Market.  A request was received to ask for additional weeks in the lease so the Market season can be extended.  Authorization is requested to explore rental options with SEPTA for the 2018 season.
  • Ambler Library.  There is a letter from the Wissahickon Valley Library requesting support in applying for and in administering grants for their renovation in Ambler.
  • Recycling Funds Resolution.  The state is considering redirecting, and not distributing, Section 904 recycling performance grant fund monies which have always been distributed to participating municipalities such as Ambler, to be used instead by the State to balance the 2017-2018 General Budget of the Commonwealth.  Council is asked to consider adoption of the Resolution 2018-03 opposing the use of these funds by the State to balance the State’s General Budget.