Ambler Company Launches Waze for Aircraft

Located at 1776 Ambler Yards, Route Dynamics Corp (RDC) is a leader in automated dynamic rerouting technology for commercial and general aviation.

They recently announced the launch of their breakthrough service, SmartRoutesTM – a dynamic rerouting service for en route flights. SmartRoutes is a high ROI, easy to implement solution that automatically and continuously identifies route optimization opportunities that achieve significant savings in flight time, fuel and operational costs. 

SmartRoutes is powered by field-tested, NASA-developed technology that monitors wind, weather, traffic and special activity airspace to provide en route flights with more efficient updated flight plan routes. The results are better on-time performance and a material reduction in flight time. In addition, SmartRoutes’ environmentally friendly solution lowers fuel burn and leads to reduced CO2 emissions from aircraft. 

“We are pleased to announce our flagship product, SmartRoutes – a low risk, no capital expense and easy to deploy solution that generates immediate savings for our aviation customers,” said Rob Kaimowitz, CEO of Route Dynamics. “In addition, Commercial and Business Aviation will enjoy more efficient decision-making and lower workload, improved passenger experience and a positive environmental impact from reduced CO2 emissions,” continued Mr. Kaimowitz.