Ambler convenience store highlighted in The Associated Press’ coverage of Mega Millions lottery jackpot

An Ambler convenience store was recently highlighted in The Associated Press’ coverage of the Mega Millions lottery jackpot titled “More are participating in the lottery as the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots soar”.

Brenda Sepulveda, a convenience store shopper, offered the following comment: “I think that people are drawn to this kind of lottery because we all hope and pray that we might be the lucky one, that maybe we weren’t born into wealth, but you never know.”

Barbara Green, another Ambler shopper, said, “Everybody has hope, so if I get a little bit, I’m satisfied. I’m not getting the big thing, I know that, but I like to get a little bit of it. Everybody does.”

Nobody has hit the $875 million jackpot in the latest Mega Millions lottery drawing as of Monday, July 17.

For the full story, you can read WPXI News’ article here.