Ambler Riders Affected by Septa Service Issues

Since Septa has recently taken a third of its Silverliner V cars offline, riders throughout Montgomery County have been affected and have had to adjust their schedules accordingly. Although Septa has begun returning the cars back into the fleet, service problems still exist. Recently, the Reporter did a story highlighting the woes of local riders, including some from Ambler.

From the Reporter:

Alton Jones, of Ambler, said he gets a ride to his job at the Hatfield Quality Meats plant in Hatfield each day, then takes the bus from there to the Lansdale train station, then rides SEPTA to the Ambler station to get home. The biggest change he has noticed is trains only leaving 30 minutes after every hour, which means an hour long wait for the next one instead of trains leaving every 15 or 30 minutes.


“I get home later — if I get off work at 2:30, I used to get here at 3 o’clock, and now I’m not home until 4 o’clock,” Jones said.

Trisha Hoffman, a student at Temple University’s Ambler campus, said she has only taken SEPTA regularly starting this week and noticed the shortage of seats immediately. Hoffman said she had no problems riding SEPTA earlier this year, except for during rush hours, but now she plans to use Temple’s shuttle bus service to travel from Ambler to their main campus in Philadelphia.


“I wouldn’t be able to handle it if it was like this until October,” she said.

Read the whole article here.