Ambler’s Borough Council declines to support Community Choice Aggregation

During the February 20th meeting of Ambler’s Borough Council, the council members declined to move forward with a memorandum of understanding with Joule Community Power regarding the potential future establishment of a Community Choice Aggregation authority in the borough.

The non-binding understanding was sought by Joule as it seeks to show interest to state regulators for authorities in boroughs in Pennsylvania. The authorities would create a system where energy for a community is obtained through bulk purchasing power with a focus on utilizing clean energy.

Members of the council took issue that residents and small business would automatically be entered into the program without being asked (they could opt-out individually). There was also the sentiment that the program wasn’t far enough along to support it and a lot of unknowns still remained.

It was expressed that they would be open to reconsidering the issue in the future when more details were known.