Ambler’s Chaat Wala: authentic Indian food and a family-friendly touch

Chaat Wala Indian Cuisine, Ambler’s newest Indian-Pakistani restaurant, opened for business on May 1. It’s worth a visit.

The eatery’s name represents someone who sells “chaat” (street food). “Wala” roughly translates to “maker,” or a vendor found on every street corner of the happening downtowns/shopping markets in Indian neighborhoods.

The restaurant is family-owned and operated, they’re friendly, and they’re experienced. The brothers who manage Chaat Wala have been in restaurant business since the 1990s.

Alina Alam, the owners’ sister, is a full-time food-blogger and food marketer.

“Our family is very passionate about food and bringing authentic flavors,” Alina said. “In New Jersey and New York, everyone has the taste of authentic food. What my brothers are trying to do is blend traditional street snacks with something new and original.”

“These foods are still a very popular component of Indian culture. They remind us of when we were kids back home,” she said.

The family also is a part-owner of Desi Chaat House, a Pakistani-centric restaurant near the University of Pennsylvania. Chaat Wala is their latest endeavor for Ambler residents to enjoy.

For more on Chaat Wala, 35 N Main Street, you can visit their website. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 12:00pm to 9:00pm.