Concerned Ambler and Fort Washington Residents Expected to Attend Tonight’s Zoning Hearing in Upper Dublin

A group of concerned Ambler and Upper Dublin residents are expected to attend tonight’s Upper Dublin Planning Commission meeting at 7pm at the Township Building in hopes that a zoning change does not get approved.

The zoning change is being requested by Blake Development who is proposing to tear down two residential homes on Ambler Road and build a
compact residential community of 42 town and carriage homes.

Blake’s petition specifically proposes to change the two properties from A-Residential and Employment Center zoning to MD consistent with an adjacent property.

Tonight’s meeting agenda reads:

Re: the proposal for the rezoning of 465 Ambler Road. This is a
split zoned property. The back of the property is zoned EC and the front is zoned A-Residential. There are two homes on this property. Blake
Development is proposing to tear down those homes and build a very
compact residential community. The proposed development would consist of 42 units with the majority of the site being preserved open space. A public hearing will be required as it will be a change to the zoning map and change to the zoning ordinance as proposed. The BOC has not yet set a public hearing date. The BOC is not required to hold a hearing per the Municipalities Planning Code. The developers are meeting with the neighbors in early July to garner for support for this proposal.

Concerned Ambler and Fort Washington residents sent a letter out on July 3rd warning of the proposal being made by Blake Development and urging neighbors to come to the hearing to voice their concerns. That letter is as follows:

July 3, 2019
Dear Fellow Residents of Fort Washington and Ambler:
We are writing this letter to WARN you of a request being made to CHANGE ZONING of 2 large pieces of property on Ambler Road. The developer is aggressively lobbying the township to change A residential (single family) properties to MULTI-FAMILY. As extremely concerned neighbors who live on and near Ambler Road, we are dedicated to making sure this zoning change DOES NOT GET APPROVED.
On a property that would normally fit maybe 5-10 homes at most, they want to put a blend of 42 townhomes and carriage homes. This development is slated to be accessed on the most dangerous bend of AMBLER ROAD. For anyone that has ever traveled on our tight single lane road, this is simply an impossibility. Adding a minimum of 80-100 rush hour cars per day on our road will further congest and degrade our neighborhood.
The first Meeting for this project is Tuesday, July 16th ,7pm at the Upper Dublin township building in front of the UD Planning Commission. We urge EVERYONE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING.
You may or may not have received a letter from the development company to meet at their location to discuss this next Thursday the 11th. Feel free to attend and listen to their pitch. It is absolutely appalling that the township would consider singling out lots in our neighborhood to change zoning for the financial benefits of the developer. It is imperative that we all stand up and fight this. The more of us gathered in opposition, the harder it will be for them to succeed.
Again, The first Meeting for this project is Tuesday, July 16th, 7pm at the Upper Dublin township building in front of the UD Planning Commission. In addition, we encourage you to write an email or call your local WARD leader and express your view on these proceedings. It is imperative that you start voicing your concerns NOW before it’s too late. Saint Mary’s site is underway and the traffic from this site is already going to add to our existing traffic issues.
Feel free to email us at and we can fill you in. Otherwise we hope to see you at the first meeting on July 16th, 7pm at the Township Building. The only way we can lose is if we do NOTHING.
Your Fort Washington/Ambler Neighbors

See the entire 445-465 Ambler Road Zoning Change Application here.