Congregations Kol Ami of Elkins Park and Darchei Noam of Ambler announce collaboration

Congregation Kol Ami of Elkins Park and Congregation Darchei Noam of Ambler have announced a collaboration that could lead to a potential blending of the two congregations as early as next year. 

Congregational meetings were held for Darchei Noam members on Wednesday, May 15 and for Kol Ami members on Thursday, May 16, during which the plan was presented along with ideas for how the two congregations will collaborate going forward.

A one-year collaboration of the two congregations is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2024, and will allow each congregation time for an exploratory period before formally deciding about an official union of the two synagogues.

Kol Ami’s Board of Trustees studied data from an in-depth congregational survey along with additional input from members and synagogue leaders that included a deep analysis of demographic, membership and financial trends. The Board of Trustees explored a number of options to ensure Kol Ami’s long-term vitality as a thriving spiritual community and concluded that a collaboration, and ultimately a potential union, with Darchei Noam will best preserve the spiritual and community goals of its congregants. 

Darchei Noam, established in 2021, is a young Ambler-based Jewish community and its philosophy closely aligns with that of Kol Ami. Plans for the collaboration include sharing Darchei Noam’s space, engaging in joint programming, inviting members of both congregations to each other’s worship services and events, and bringing Kol Ami’s religious school students into Darchei Noam’s much larger religious school.

The new entity, subject to the approval of both congregations, could take place as early as July 2025.

“Over our 30-year history, Kol Ami has been, at its core, an intimate, involved and caring Jewish community,” said Ben Long, Co-President, Congregation Kol Ami. “We see so much of ourselves at Darchei Noam and are excited to share a facility and collaborate on programs and services throughout the coming year, with a goal of uniting as one intimate community in July 2025.”

“At Darchei Noam, we believe in enriching our community’s spirit through unity and shared values, which is why we are excited to partner with Kol Ami in this innovative journey of communal growth and spiritual enrichment,” stated Lynne Krause, President, Darchei Noam.

About Congregation Kol Ami

Congregation Kol Ami, meaning “Voice of My People,” is a synagogue committed to creating and maintaining an intimate and involved Jewish community where spiritual growth, tradition, ritual, education and learning provide meaning and comfort. Through its philosophy of inclusiveness and diversity, it reaches out to surrounding communities and beyond.  As a congregation, it seeks to enrich and enhance members’ Jewish spirituality and promote multi-generation learning.  To learn more, visit or follow Kol Ami on Facebook at: @kolamielkinspark or Instagram at: @kolamielkinspark.

About Congregation Darchei Noam

Darchei Noam is an enlightened community rooted in both Jewish tradition and spiritual innovation. At Darchei Noam you will be seen, heard, and valued for exactly who you are without judgment, expectation, or hierarchy. We are a welcoming and loving community that celebrates Jews and their allies from all walks of life irrespective of gender expression, race,ethnicity, exceptionality, disability, sexual orientation, family make-up, economic background, or Jewish identity. We strive to put our Jewish values into practice through cultivating hesed (loving-kindness), tzedek (social justice), and rachamim (compassion) in the world around us. To learn more about Darchei Noam visit or follow Darchei Noam on Facebook at: or on Instagram at: