First Take Film Series

On Wednesday, April 26th, the Ambler Theater is presenting the First Take Film Series. First take showcases the cream of the crop of short films produced by independent film makers. There will be 11 films in all.

From the Ambler Theater:

Hammerhead – Brendan Joyce – 20 minutes
A Neo-Noir about a Philadelphia boxer, whose refusal to throw an important fight, leads to him being on the run from the most powerful man in the city.

Faux – Robert Howley – 4 minutes
A surrealistic portrait of a addict’s path to salvation.

Light Struck – Mark Partridge – 15 minutes
The daughter of a faded telenovela star struggle to nurse her mother after an accident blinds the once glamorous actress.

Aqilokoq – John N. Campbell – 2 minutes
The Inuit word for ‘gently falling snow’ provides the title to this short; utilizing high frame rate cinematography and long telephoto lens focal lengths.

Misguided Kings – Kevin LeCato – 14 minutes
Due to creative differences, the demise of a four member band haunts a former member who one day decides it’s time to get the band back together again.

Kevin – Ashay Javadekar – 3 minutes
“Dad!” he woke me up at 2 am. He was scared, and had a surprise for me.

Road Elegy – Linnea Langkammer – 8 minutes
A documentary about a mother and daughter, an 18-hour road trip, and the inability to heal.

Wicked Conclusions – Phillip G. Carroll Jr. – 12 minutes
A young woman chained up in her boyfriend’s basement must decide who the real monster is – her captor, or the little boy imprisoned beside her.

Hanging – Nick LeDonne – 5 minutes
An abstracted, animated documentary, based off of Nick LeDonne’s personal struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts after a near attempted hanging in November 2014.

Selkie – Amy Frear – 6 minutes
A wayward selkie (a seal that can turn itself into a human) has followed a school of herring up the Delaware River when her seal skin is captured by a man from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Going Soft: The Soft Spots – Bob Sweeney – 4 minutes
The latest single and music video by ‘The Softest Band in the Land’ The Soft Spots (Shane Gallagher, Truong Ta, Corey Pace, & Johnny P. Rice).

The event is free for members.