Flourtown’s Anne Fadullon, former Philly Deputy Mayor, joins The Badger Group of Blue Bell

Anne Fadullon of Flourtown stepped down from her role as City of Philadelphia deputy mayor / planning and development chief on August 23. According to The Philadelphia Business Journal, she plans to parlay her 40 years’ experience in the planning, community and real estate development fields, which includes eight years in public service, for business ventures.

She has joined The Badger Group based of Blue Bell as a senior advisor and started her on advisory firm, Make Advisory Services, LLC.

The company, which was launched this month, is focused on “Providing real estate development consulting services focusing on capacity building and mentoring, with specialties in affordable housing and community development,” according to Fadullon’s LinkedIn page.

“What I’m pursuing are the things that are most of interest to me and get me the most excited and I find the most interesting and creative,” Fadullon said. “That feels like an amazing space to be in. I feel very blessed and lucky to have that opportunity.”