Fort Washington’s Gabe Anderson, who has cerebral palsy, and partner Cameron Smith featured by 6ABC for sixth entry in the Upper Dublin Triathlon

22-year-old Gabe Anderson of Fort Washington was recently featured by 6ABC News for his sixth entry in the Upper Dublin Triathlon alongside his racing partner Cameron Smith.

Gabe was born at 29 weeks and spent three months in the NICU, and has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

According to 6ABC:

Smith and Anderson met at an event for Ainsley’s Angels of America, which promotes inclusion by helping individuals with disabilities participate in activities like walks and runs.

Anderson sits in a raft while Smith swims back and forth to complete the first leg of the race. Then, they shift to an Ainsley’s Angels race chair to complete the biking and running portions.

“The doctors didn’t think he would live very long. I think they said maybe three days,” Gabe’s mother, Kari, told 6ABC. “But Gabe is 22 and he’ll be 23 in June. So, we feel like we’re doing a really good job with that part.”

For the full story, you can click here. To learn more about Ainsley’s Angels or the Upper Dublin Triathlon, you can visit their websites.

Screengrab courtesy of 6ABC