ICYMI: Phillies File Lawsuit to Keep Phanatic

The Philadelphia Phillies are fighting to keep the copyrights of their beloved Phillie Phanatic. It was reported yesterday that the Phillies filed a lawsuit in New York federal court in an effort to keep New York based Harrison/ Erickson from reclaiming the rights to the Phanatic.

Harrison/Erickson helped to develop the Phanatic to make his debut in 1978, and is now asking the team to pay millions if they want to keep him. Otherwise, the Phanatic could become a free agent.

The Phillies say in their suit that the Phanatic was their idea and that Harrison/Erickson were hired to help execute it. At the time, the Phillies declined to purchase the rights to the Phanatic for $1,300, however have poured millions into promoting and marketing the mascot.

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Feature photo © NBC Sports Philadelphia