Intruder at Wissahickon High School Caught This Morning

It has been reported that a male, approximately 20 years old, rode a Wissahickon school bus and entered the high school with a back pack this morning. The SRO, Officer Beth, acted immediately and pulled the alarm. The suspect was said to have run out of the school towards the neighborhood across the street, where he was caught and apprehended by the Lower Gwynedd Police.

The safety alert sent to the Wissahickon School Community said:

At approximately 7:30am this morning, a young male (20 years old) was observed in Wissahickon High School.  It was clear that he did not belong.  He ran from the building and was quickly apprehended by the Lower Gwynedd police.  WHS students were evacuated from the building so that law enforcement could ensure the building was safe inside.  Once that was done, students were brought back in the building at 8:30am.
The suspect is in custody now and the police investigation, which would include any possible charges, is ongoing.  At no time were there any weapons observed or detected, but the evacuation was called anyway just to be 100% sure the building was safe.

This is an ongoing story, and we will update you as we know more.