John Westcott’s Watercolor Streetscapes Will be on Display at Cellini Gallery Beginning March 2

Back in July of 2018 and after noticing his watercolors on Instagram for months, had the chance to catch up with local artist, John Westcott in his Ambler home to talk about his paintings and his process. See that Spotlight article here.

On March 2nd, Cellini Studio and Galleries will host John Westcott- Watercolor Streetscapesan artist’s reception from 5:30-8pm. More details of this event can be found here. Westcott’s work will be displayed at the gallery through March 30th.

Cellini Studio and Galleries published an artist’s statement from Westcott, and that is as follows:

“As a watercolor artist living in Ambler, Pennsylvania my passion is painting, drawing and photographing old buildings and streetscapes in small towns and urban areas.
I have always been fascinated by old buildings: the things they have seen and the stories they could tell. I paint old buildings because they are interesting subjects, but also because it gives me a sense of preserving them in some small way.
In today’s disposable society, I feel almost a sense of urgency, or even a sense of responsibility, to paint as many old buildings as I can before they are gone forever.”

Take a look at some of the pieces which will be on display:

Afternoon at El Limon in Ambler
watercolor on paper
8 x 10 inches

Downtown Ambler at Dusk
watercolor on paper
15 x 20 inches

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Photos courtesy of John Westcott