Spotlight | Watercolor Artist John Westcott

After noticing his watercolors on Instagram for months, had the chance to catch up with local artist, John Westcott in his Ambler home to talk about his paintings and his process.

John has been painting his whole life, but until last year, he hadn’t done it on a serious basis.  He is a Landscape Architect by trade, so he always did renderings for clients. However, when the designs and renderings became electronic, his paintings took place of that.  Before he decided to become a serious painter, John told us he “kept a file of things I wanted to paint at some point”.

John now paints everyday.  He uses a space in the corner of his house for his studio, and as the natural light pours through the windows, he works on each piece until it comes to life.  Because of his background in architectural design, John is drawn to painting buildings, paying particular attention to perspective and capturing moments of light and shadow.

On any given morning, John will drive into Ambler and spontaneously take photos of streets and buildings around town that are bathed in the morning light or that simply catch his eye.  It is these photographs and moments that inspire his paintings.

Each watercolor depicts a “slice of life” from some of his favorite towns, especially Ambler. John told us that the more he paints of Ambler, the more he starts to see the little details and nuances of the town.  It is this intimate feeling that comes through in each of his pieces.

John painted a custom watercolor exclusively for Around Ambler (see above) which is now available on a coffee mug in our store.  Take a look at more of John Westcott’s work on his Instagram account and look for him at the Art in the Storefront space from September to November.


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