Lower Gwynedd Board Of Supervisors | Candidate Profiles

The race for a seat on the Lower Gwynedd Board Of Supervisors brings incumbent, Kathleen Hunsicker and newcomer, Michael Pironti together on November 7.  The Board is comprised of five members elected to staggered six year terms.  AroundAmbler.com asked each of these candidates the same questions about their backgrounds, experience and goals if elected to office, and here are their responses:



  • Name: Kathleen Hunsicker, JD
  • Position: Lower Gwynedd Board of  Supervisors
  • Political Party: Republican

What is your background/personal experience: Lower Gwynedd Township Parks and Recreation Board (8 years), Lower Gwynedd Board of Supervisors (8 years). I am a 20 year Lower Gwynedd Township resident, who raised 4 children in the community. I am a Pennsylvania State University and Villanova Law graduate.  My listening and communication skills afford me the ability to build relationships, identify opportunities to bring stakeholders together and engender a strong sense of community among residents, businesses and civic organizations.  My legal background allows me to effectively navigate the issues that accompany a leadership role in local government. 

What is the reason you are running:   I am a strong believer in volunteerism and community service which is how I view my rewarding work as a Township Supervisor.  I wish to capitalize on the experience and community relationships that I have built during my 8 year tenure as Township Supervisor to continue to promote and build our community as one of the most desirable places to live, work and play in Montgomery County.

What is your platform? The development of the Dow Chemical property (formerly Rohm and Haas) and the Merck Property, which represents a significant asset at close to 300 acres. I will continue to work with planning and economic consultants to define a vision for these properties to ensure the Township’s continued economic vibrancy well into the future while building public/stakeholder consensus throughout the entire planning process.

What are your goals while in office if re-elected:  1) Promote and develop our businesses along Bethlehem Pike and elsewhere and attract investment through strategic zoning and planning, all the while working with the Lower Gwynedd Business Association and the Beautification Committee.  2) Expand our trail system  and provide connections as opportunities arise so that Lower Gwynedd  becomes a truly walkable community.  3)  Maintain open space and preserve our natural resources in the midst of  positive redevelopment within the township. 


Name: Michael Pironti
Position: Lower Gwynedd Board Of Supervisors
Political Party: Democrat
What is your background/ personal information:  I grew up in Bedminster, PA in Bucks County.  I’ve lived in Lower Gwynedd for 3 1/2 Years with my wife, Jennifer, and two boys, Michael (4) and Ethan (1).  My background in the private sector is in marketing for the insurance industry and prior to that, extensive experience in commercial mortgage in the banking industry. 
What is the reason you are running:  I believe I can offer Lower Gwynedd Township an opportunity to have a fresh perspective; bringing experiences from the private sector while pursuing a collaborative and pragmatic approach to solutions, that can make our community even better.
Platform:  Transparency; effective use of your tax dollars; responsible development of the community while preserving the small town feel and ideals that our community are accustomed to; and a regular survey of the community to create a new dynamic relationship between the local government and the residents.  
Goals while you are in office:  maintain the low taxes that we all expect while ensuring that the tax dollars collected are used effectively; creating a relationship with all residents with regular outreach and the exchange of ideas; and actively seeking new ways to ease increased traffic and congestion within our community.