Montgomery County Community College awards Anderson School grad with two-year, full-tuition scholarship

Victoria Mauger, an incoming Montgomery County Community College student, will be studying on a two-year, full-tuition scholarship this fall.

Mauger, 19, is a recent graduate of the Anderson School in Eagleville and will study in MCCC’s Nursing program. The Anderson School is part of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and was designed to create a learning environment that meets the academic, emotional/social and therapeutic requirements of students in need of extra support. Students who attend The Anderson School are identified and referred by their school districts.

MCCC awards the scholarship, which covers full-tuition and fees, every year to an Anderson School senior set to graduate and enroll as an MCCC student. The student is someone who the school believes has demonstrated academic improvement, leadership skills, good citizenship and has served as a role model for others. It is the only full-tuition scholarship the College offers.

“She has a huge capacity to help others,” Anderson School Principal Christine Raber said. “It shines through. She always has a positive attitude with a great sense of humor. She’ll be missed here for sure. She brought energy that made people feel good. She’d befriend anyone who needed it. She’s grown in her confidence and self-esteem.”

As part of the scholarship’s application process, students were tasked with writing an essay about themselves. Mauger focused her essay on her struggles with depression and anxiety and the work she’s done to successfully manage them.

“I overcame my battles with my inner thoughts by seeking help and taking control over my obstacles,” Mauger wrote. “What helped me take control over my obstacles was coming to Anderson and working on myself. I worked on myself by opening up to not only people struggling with similar things but also to my therapists.”

For MCCC’s announcement, you can click here.

Photo courtesy of MCCC