Music Time in Ambler

We visited Ambler Music and spoke with owner Luke Cleary about the new MusicTime program they are implementing for the kiddies. At their current location for the past 4 years, Ambler Music features private lessons in many instruments, group lessons, and an entertainment component that offers music services to the community at large. Now, after an almost 4 year wait and a few setbacks, Ambler Music’s MusicTime program is finally enrolling and Ambler’s little children have a place to stoke their musical creativity.

Luke considers MusicTime as enrichment  and recommends the program for “musically charged” children as a way to expose them to many different aspects of music and explore their creativity. “They’re playing drums, they’re clapping, they’re singing, they’re dancing…they’re doing all aspects of music,” Luke said.

Music Time’s instructor, Laura Kalnajs (pronounced Call-nice) has been doing music since she was young enough for these classes. She began Piano lessons at 4, Violin lessons at 9 and the Bass Guitar at 14. After a corporate career came to an end, Laura decided to devote her professional career to music full-time, with an emphasis on teaching children. Her skill set and experience and passion make her the perfect person for this program. Luke is especially happy with having Laura as an instructor: “Now that we have Laura to head the program we are ready to start these fun, creative classes. I have confidence that the children  will love and benefit from the educational enrichment offered by Laura at our MusicTime Classes,” he said. 

MusicTime Instructor, Laura Kalnajs

The classes are broken up into two age groups; 1 -2 year olds are in one session and 3-4 year olds in another. The age groups are merely suggested however, since the program is a group dynamic as opposed to individual instruction. In the younger group, children will be exposed to a teacher for probably for the first time and will learn following directions and musical exploration.The 3 -4 year old session is a little more advanced.  “In that class (the 3 – 4 year old class) I am going to be teaching some actually basic music theory concepts,” Laura said. “We are going to be teaching them about steady rhythm. We are going to be teaching them about pitch; what’s a high note, what’s a low note and what’s the difference. We will teach them how to move along to music and to reproduce some of these concepts on their own…They also will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with some instruments…a musical Head Start program!”

Luke and Laura intimated that the program is high energy and both sessions will involve dancing, jumping and moving around. Physical exercise and musical enrichment…what more can you ask for? Ambler Music is currently enrolling for MusicTime and if you want to sign-up for this program for your child, click here for all of the information. You can also e-mail or call 215.542.5643 to sign up