Pet of the week | Roscoe

Our Pet of the Week is a half-lab and half german-shepherd puppy named Roscoe! Diana Bayless, Roscoe’s owner told us a little bit about him below:

Born 4/20/18,  this 13-month old, 80-pound lovable rascal pup is a favorite among Ambler locals. He frequents 31 Bar where he is given ample pets and treats, and he plays with every squirrel, toddler, and -well- every breathing thing in his path. Roscoe is half lab and half german-shepherd and is athletic, goofy, mouthy, and affectionate all in one. He’s independent but also a pack animal, always sticking close to mom Diana and dad Dave. He must love craft beer because he visits Forest & Main and other local breweries with his pack quite a lot and loves the socialization with cool folks. He sure loves his people (especially AJ and Taylor) and many pup playmates over at Love My Doggy Daycare. If you see Roscoe out and about in Ambler, say hello with a pat to the belly or head!


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