Philadelphia Inquirer covers Upper Dublin family’s struggle with insurance company following tornado

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article on March 15th about the plight of an Upper Dublin family that is still recovering from the impact of the September 2021 tornado on their home. The tornado resulted in 114 being declared unhibatable in the township and damged approximately 1,000 residential and commercial buildings overall.

The article begins:

Around supper time on a turbulent day in early September, Max Cummings was in his kitchen chopping tomatoes as Hurricane Ida bore down on his Upper Dublin neighborhood. His wife, Gudrun Trescher, yelled for him and their teenage son to flee to the basement before the tornado blew off about a quarter of their roof and let rain pour through the hole that opened over their son’s entire bedroom.

When they climbed out of the basement, the home’s insulation had been sucked out of the roof and swirled in gusts in the backyard like a weird snowfall.

What would come next — and is still brewing — is another storm over insurance claims. Six months later, many people in Upper Dublin have yet to return to normal lives as they are locked in prolonged negotiations with insurance firms or are awaiting repairs. For Cummings, the process has proved grueling.

You can read the full article here.