Plastic bag ban on agenda for Upper Dublin’s Commissioners on February 13th

The Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners is set to vote on February 13th to advertise an ordinance that would ban single-use plastic bags in certain circumstances. For example, if adopted, a retail establishment in the township would not be able to pack items in a plastic bag for use to carry the purchased items home (like your traditional grocery or takeout bag). However, the retail establishment can use plastic bags to package bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, candy, wrap meat and fish; and package live fish or insects. It is also permissible for plastic to be used when it comes packaged with multiple items from the manufacturer.

You can view the text of the proposed ordinance here.

The ordinance has been going through a review process over several meetings. The current version has removed and clarified four items.

  • Plastic straws remain permitted
  • The original implementation schedule after adoption was 90 days, it is now 180 days
  • A retail establishment can’t charge more than 10 cents for a recyclable paper bag
  • The first offense is a written warning, not a fine

Once a vote to advertise passes, the commissioners can vote to adopt the resolution after a two-week period.