Pudges of Blue Bell Seeking Female to Participate in Cheesesteak Challenge Which Will Be Featured on ABC Show

Pudges Steaks of Blue Bell has been contacted by ABC to have their Cheesesteak Challenge featured on the show Localish .  

The producer of Localish will be participating in the challenge, but Pudges is actively seeking a female contestant. If you are up for the challenge, here is what Pudges posted:

Pudges was contacted by ABC to be featured on www.localish.com to showcase our very popular Cheesesteak Challenge!!! The producer will be participating in the challenge and he has also asked if we can find a female contestant to participate as well!!

We are looking for someone with a healthy appetite to try to conquer the challenge and become our 2nd female to win!! Here is what you need to know:

What – Pudges Cheesesteak Challenge
Where – Pudge Blue Bell
When – Monday March 18, 2019 @ 11:00 am
What you get – To eat awesome food and a Pudges T-shirt!! IF the challenge is completed, you are eligible to win out jackpot, which is currently $100! (A waiver must be signed as well)

What the challenge entails –
– Our LARGE 20″ Cheesesteak (topping optional)
– 1 TRAY of French Fries (see picture in comments)
– 1 soft drink (water can be a 2nd drink)

Please comment on here or send a private message to Pudges on Facebook if interested. Deadline is Saturday at 9 pm.

This is the photo Pudges posted of what contestant needs to eat.