Second Ambler restaurant qualifies for “indoor/open air dining”

Two days ago reported that the Montgomery County Office of Public Health is allowing Bridgets Steakhouse to serve indoors in an area of the restaurant that has floor-to-ceiling windows. The paperwork provided by the health department states that due to the windows an area of the restaurant qualifies as “indoor/open air dining.

This all comes about because Governor Wolf recently ordered restaurants and bars to not serve indoors for three weeks due to rising cases of Coronavirus and the impact on hospitals. This order is set to expire on January 4th.

Yesterday, La Provence, also in Ambler, made the following social media post about its ability to serve indoors in a portion of its restaurant. The post reads:

Montgomery County Department of Public of Health and PA are interpreting floor to ceiling doors as open-air dining and La Provence has a fully separate section with the ability to open fully on at least 2 sides!

La Provence also included clarifying language as to how the state defines indoor vs. outdoor dining. The clarification is from the frequently asked question section of the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website pertaining to the mitigation order. It reads:

How do you define outdoor vs. indoor?

Indoor businesses operate in a fully or largely enclosed (three-walls or more). Outdoor businesses operate in a completely or largely open-air space (open on at least two sides). A tent is allowed for outdoors; however, to be regarded as outdoor space, tents must be open on two sides. Enclosed tents are considered indoor spaces. Enclosed structures, including enclosed tents, would limit air circulation and undo the benefits of being outdoor.

We hope that clarifies the situation for everyone.