Sleigh Gifts – A Glimpse Into the Newest Business in Ambler + a Great Ambler Card Offer

Sleigh Gifts is the newest business to Ambler. It’s a short-term, Pop-Up that provides a unique service throughout the Holiday season (this family of elves will be making your holiday easier for you!). Sleigh also happens to be the newest offer to the Ambler Card, giving card holders 10% off any service of their choice.

The Ambler Card  now has over 65 discounts to local businesses to card holders. The card is $25…see all of the available deals and get your card here.

Sleigh gifts is a holiday storage facility…All presents are shipped to Sleigh where they are opened, photographed and logged into a data base- sleigh bin as they call it – and are assembled, wrapped and delivered if needed. Sleigh is 24-7 security monitored. You can even provide your own special wrapping paper so the presents are as personal as you wish.

Owners, partners and siblings, Colleen Knoble and Pat McKeever came up with this concept because Pat had been providing this service for Colleen for years. She would have her presents for her young children shipped to Pat’s house, and she would go there to assemble, wrap and get the presents organized for Christmas Eve, so that all could be a surprise on Christmas morning. That’s when their Sleigh business idea started to become a reality and opened on October 1st in Ambler on Cavalier Drive (at the former Ambler Tanning location).

Sleigh’s storage terms are based on three options:

Full Service Bin | $189 | November 1-December 24

Half Season Bin | $99 | 27 consecutive days of choice

Weekly Storage | $27 per week

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