Solar Eclipse Presentation

On Wednesday, May 10th, at 7 pm, the Upper Dublin Lutheran Church is having a presentation on Solar Eclipses. This is in anticipation of the coming solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

From the Upper Dublin Lutheran Church:

Complete solar eclipses are relatively rare in the United States, but we have one coming on August 21, 2017. Members of the Bucks-Mont Astronomical (BMAA) will give a presentation at UDLC about the coming solar eclipse. They will provide a general background about how, when and where solar eclipses occur and specific information about the eclipse that is coming on August 21st. They will also demonstrate various approaches on how you can safely view the Sun and Solar eclipses. Whether you plan to travel to see the total eclipse or will stay in the Philadelphia area where a partial eclipse will occur, this session will help you better understand interactions with our favorite star the Sun.

The presentation will be given by Gary Sprague in the Sun Room.