Trax Restaurant and Cafe Is Ready For Fall

It’s October and Autumn…kids are back in school, the leaves are turning and for growers, it’s time for the Fall Harvest! Although not a farmer, even Chef Steve Waxman of Trax Restaurant and Cafe had some harvesting to do…right at the restaurant!

Chef Waxman prides himself on his use of local, seasonal ingredients and is a participant in the weekly Ambler Farmers’ Market, helming the Trax Outdoor Farm to Table Cafe. A weekly market staple, Trax sources directly from the market vendors and turns out a fresh, delicious farm-to-table brunch for hungry market patrons. Even more locally sourced, Chef actually grows his own ingredients at (and on) the restaurant; fresh herbs grow on the grounds of Trax while Concord Grapes adorn the roof and grow throughout the Summer.

Speaking of Concord Grapes, now that Summer is over, it’s time to harvest the last batch! Armed with a scissors and the pith and vinegar that only he can muster, Chef dodged bees and braved the heights of a 4 foot ladder to bring his customers the absolute in freshness. Chef plans on using the grapes for Concord Grape Lemonade at the outdoor cafe, as well as for Grape Applesauce (sourced from apples he picked himself, although far less perilously).

Besides harvesting, Trax recently unveiled its new Fall menu which also stresses fresh, local ingredients. Take a gander and let your mouth water. Trax is open Tuesdays through Saturdays for Dinner. You can make a reservation here.