Upper Dublin’s Officer Michael Ciuffetelli and Sergeant Stephen Nick thanked for saving woman’s life

The Upper Dublin Police Department recently shared Officer Michael Ciuffetelli’s and Sergeant Stephen Nick’s successful resuscitation of Mr. Ivy Conner who was unresponsive after a vehicle crash on Dreshertown Road in late April.

Officer Bortnichak, Officer Thomas and Officer Carruthers assisted in treatment as well.

Ms. Connor stopped by the Upper Dublin station on May 30 to thank the officers who saved her life.

From the Department’s post:

Back on 04/25/23, UDPD officers were dispatched to a vehicle crash on Dreshertown Road near Market Street. Officers arrived and found that the driver, Ivy Conner, was unresponsive. Officer Ciuffetelli and Sergeant Nick quickly determined that Ms. Connor was in cardiac arrest and immediately began administering medical treatment using an AED and performing CPR. Their actions along with the assistance of Officer Bortnichak, Officer Thomas and Officer Carruthers, resulted in the resuscitation of Ms. Connor and her subsequent recovery.

On 05/30/23, Ms. Connor stopped by our station to thank Officer Ciuffetelli, Sergeant Nick and all of our officers for saving her life!

All of our officers are thoroughly trained in First Aid, CPR, AEDs and Oxygen Administration and some of our officers, including Sergeant Nick, are even certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. Sometimes, despite that training and our best efforts on every medical call, there isn’t a happy ending. We are so very glad that this time was different and we are extremely proud of the work our officers did to lead to this outcome!

We wish Ms. Connor the best going forward and we thank her for stopping by to say thanks