Watch the informal presentation on potential townhouse development in Whitpain Township

On February 2nd, Ironwood Development Corporation made an informal presentation before the Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors on a potential townhouse development at 795 Jolly Road in Blue Bell. This property is the undeveloped portion (parcel D) of the former Unisys campus.

Ironwood’s representatives discussed the history of the property and what is currently allowed on the almost 27-acre property with the current zoning (things like warehouses). It then explained how it would like to develop a 133-unit townhouse community as a transition between the existing commercial uses on the other parcels and the neighboring single-family home neighborhoods.

Members of the public were allowed to make comments and concerns mentioned were traffic, increasing kids in the school district, loss of open space, and the impact on wildlife, etc.

Note that the developer hasn’t formally submitted any plans for approval.

You can watch the entire presentation below.

Photo: Ironwood Development Corporation