Weavers Way Now Carrying Award-Winning Pierogie Kitchen Pierogies

The award-winning Pierogie Kitchen of Philadelphia (648 Roxborough Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128) has been making homemade pierogies from scratch since 2003. Led by owner and founder Marie Thorpe, The Pierogie Kitchen proudly preserves the old-world tradition of pierogie-making. What once was a thriving tradition, especially during the holidays, in which pierogies are an extremely popular food item, is now a dying art as churches close and older generations pass. Dying, but not dead thanks to Thorpe and her loyal team of pierogie pinchers.

“I’m extremely proud that we’ve been able to serve Roxborough, the city of Philadelphia, and the entire Delaware Valley over the years,” said Thorpe, whose shop has been featured on the Food Network and has won a number of accolades, including Best of Philly (Best Pierogie, Philadelphia Magazine). “Food is such a big part of the culture and we want to keep this culture alive. To share a family tradition and recipe that I learned from my grandmom with so many people over the years truly means the world to me. I’m proud to uphold this old-world family tradition and pass it along to others.”

Now Montgomery County fans won’t have to travel as far because Weaver’s Way in Ambler has started to carry some (not all) of Thorpe’s award-winning pierogies.

Thorpe transformed her ice cream parlor into the Delaware Valley’s most popular source of homemade and hand-pinched pierogies back in November 2003 and is now shipping her products all over the country through a new shipping program.

The Pierogie Kitchen, which is opened Tuesday-Saturday, sells over 30 varieties of pierogies as well as its popular stacker sandwiches, homemade soup, stuffed cabbage, haluski, chrusicki, kielbasa and kraut, babka, and other baked goods.

Pierogie Kitchen pierogis are pre-boiled and feature light, thin dough that is hand-pinched (every single one of them!) and filled with traditional and gourmet fillings, The Pierogie Kitchen’s pierogies are nothing short of perfection.

“Making delicious, wholesome food doesn’t happen quickly,” said Thorpe. “That’s why we don’t skip any of the 16 steps in our family recipe—and yes, every single pierogie is made by hand every day with fresh, high quality ingredients.”

Visit Pierogi Kitchen here to see the full menu.