Whitemarsh police issue News Flash to protect vehicles and homes

The Whitemarsh Township Police Department issued a News Flash tonight encouraging residents to protect their vehicles and homes via the following list of tips:

  • Always lock your car, even if it is in your driveway. 
  • Lock your doors and windows at all times. Even if you are leaving for a very short time, lock your doors.
  • Leave lights on when you go out. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, put some lights on timers so they go on at night.
  • Lock your garage door.
  • Consider a special lock for a sliding door. Consult a locksmith for assistance. 
  • Trim shrubs and bushes to eliminate outdoor hiding spots.
  • Do not hide keys outside.
  • Don’t announce vacations or trips on social media. Notify the Police Department using the Vacant Home Notification Form 
  • Hold your mail if you are headed out of town. Don’t schedule deliveries while away.

For the original News Flash, you can click here.