Whitpain Township Police Department and Centre Square Fire Company Escort West Point Cadets on their Way to Army Navy Game

The Whitpain Township Police Department and Centre Square Fire Company escorted the Army West Point Marathon Team cadets through the township as they make their way from West Point, NY to Lincoln Financial Field as they prepare to face off in the annual and historic Army-Navy game, which dates back to November 29, 1890.

It is tradition that the West Point cadets take turns running for the entire 150 mile trip, while carrying their symbolic game-day football.

See the slideshow posted by the Whitpain Police Department below:

Another fun fact: Following each Army-Navy game, players sing both teams’ alma maters. The winning team joins the losing team and sings facing the losing team’s students. Then the losing team joins the victors on their side of the field and sings the winner’s alma mater to its students. This act is a show of mutual respect and solidarity.