Whitpain Township Police Department issues community safety advisory in connection to a white van

Earlier this month, the Ambler Borough Police Department issued a notice about a driver of a white van who acted suspiciously along the 400 block of Edgewood Drive. According to the notice, the van backed into a driveway at a home with children playing outside. The children went inside the home and the driver knocked “forcibly” knocked on the door.

The Whitpain Township Police Department has now issued a similar notice about an incident on April 1st in the township also involving a white van. Below is the notice.


The Whitpain Township Police Department recently received a report of a suspicious white van that was seen by children driving past them several times and possibly followed them home. This occurred on April 1, 2021 in the area of the basketball courts on Mt. Pleasant Avenue and Maple Avenue. This was brought to our attention after the parents were made aware of a similar incident reported to the Ambler Borough Police Department. Details of that incident can be viewed on the link below. The vehicle pictured in this post is the van from the incident in Ambler Borough and reported to be similar to Whitpain’s incident.

The driver of the van reported to Whitpain PD was described as a light skinned (possibly white) male, with a beard, wearing a blue hat and he was approximately 25 years old. The male driver never engaged or spoke with the children and there is no indication that he attempted to lure them.

If you have information about these incidents or observes similar suspicious activity, you are asked to notify your police department or call 911 immediately.