Whitpain Township selects Centre Square Park location for community center

During a February 20th meeting of the Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to construct a community center in Centre Square Park in the space that is currently a dog park. This location was picked over Mermaid Lake Park after consultants who had studied the locations showed that the Mermaid Lake location would require approximately 10% of the budget be put towards road and traffic improvements on Arch and Jolly roads. This included widening part of Arch Road.

With the site selection determined, the township’s consultants will not start the design process. The township is funding the first phase of the project through a $10 million donation.

You can find more details on the community center here.

Image – Layout of the community center at the dog park location. The pink area shows phase 1 with the blue shaded area being phase 2 and 3.