Wissahickon Fire Company mourns the loss of Bud Henkels, longtime member, firefighter, instructor

The Wissahickon Fire Company is mourning the loss of longtime member and firefighter Bud Henkels.

According to their announcement, Henkels served as an instructor with the Montgomery County Fire Academy where he specialized in building construction and firefighter safety.

“He loved to travel the region and share his wisdom as both a firefighter and a building contractor to the many different fire departments across the country,” the company said.

Their announcement continues:

Bud was a gift and pioneering fire instructor, particularly in the education of Building Construction for the Fire Service. He had the ability to build scale models of wood framed homes so that firefighters could visually see the theories being taught. Bud was a talented craftsman and carpenter who brought to this profession real world experience and knowledge. His passing is not just a loss for our department, but for the entire fire service. He will be truly missed.

Details will be published at a later time. Please keep Bud’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time of mourning.

In 2019, Henkels was featured by KYW Newsradio after helping to rescue an elderly couple trapped by a tree that crashed into their Ambler home.

“In my 40 years, I don’t think — and other guys are saying the same thing — we’ve never seen a tree completely decimate a house,” he said. “The section of tree that had Mr. and Mrs. Cupid pinned was about 8,000 pounds, maybe a little bit more.”

Photos: Wissahickon Fire Company