Wissahickon High School Alumna Interns for Local Film Company and Helps Promote New Full-Length Feature Comedy

Brittany Gelman, Wissahickon High School Alumna (’15) and current Media Studies major at Emory University, took an amazing opportunity this summer and worked as the Social Media Marketing intern for Fat Camp Films, the local multi-media production company that just released their first full-length feature film, How To Get Girls. 

Zach Fox and Omri Dorani launched Fat Camp Films together, after a long history of friendship, hard work and shared dreams.

At twelve years old Zach Fox and Omri Dorani met at fat camp. Fox dreamed of becoming a famous comedian and Dorani, a renowned film director. The two became fast friends and would keep the bunk up late with plans to one day make movies together. After just a few years on YouTube, the company landed a development deal with the Disney Channel. There, Fat Camp produced The Zach Fox Project alongside Disney and It’s A Laugh Productions as well as the hit Canadian prank show Just for Laughs (rebranded in the U.S. as Just Kidding). Fox wrote and starred in both. After Disney, they moved back to Philadelphia–they both grew up in the area… Zach went to Conestoga and Omri went to Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy. After moving back, Zach attended and graduated from The University of Pennsylvania.

Eventually Zack and Omri’s dreams manifested as Fat Camp Films, a multimedia production company that creates fresh content ranging from film and TV projects to short-form branded commercials and viral videos. In the short time since its launch, Fat Camp has already produced content for companies such as Funny OR Die, Disney Channel, Dreamworks TV, No Labels, Wicked Cool Toys, Glass Entertainment, goPuff and Hulu.

Most recently, Fox and Dorani wrote, produced and directed their first full-length feature film, a bold teen comedy called How To Get Girls, which will be released in 2018. Fat Camp Films co-produced alongside the Emmy-winning Glass Entertainment Group. Fox stars in the film alongside stars David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office), Chris Elliot (Schitt’s Creek), Chris Kattan (SNL) and Kate Flannery (The Office). It won Best Feature at the Portland Comedy Festival and was recently featured in Variety, Deadline and Yahoo. The movie is currently on iTunes, Amazon, and was released yesterday on Hulu.

Watch the How To Get Girls Trailer below:

Brittany gained practical knowledge of the film industry and learned from Zach and Omri through the hands-on working experience they provided to their summer interns at the Fat Camp Film Company. She added:

I never know what my days are going to look like working with Zach and Omri… but I am laughing most of the time I am with them. I was one of nine interns at Fat Camp this summer, and we all had so much fun every day. I was exposed to so many different things this summer including: marketing for their new movie, being able to run their social media accounts, writing scripts for commercials & movies, filming commercials, shooting funny videos, attending the International Modeling and Talent Association event in NYC, going on set of Fox29, working with Glass Production, working with Jerry Media, and most importantly– I learned how to make the perfect meme.

Brittany is continuing her internship remotely throughout this semester while she is at Emory finishing her senior year.

Photos © Fat Camp Films, Brittany Gelman