Wissahickon School District announces proposed regulations and conditions for spectators for sporting events

The Wissahickon School District has announced that the Suburban One League, the athletic league that the district is a member of, has determined that each school district will make its own decision regarding allowing home spectators to home games. Visiting spectators will not be permitted to attend games.

In response to that decision, the Wissahickon School Board will consider approving a set of regulations and conditions that would permit home spectators for events held at the district’s facilities.

For the most part, the sports most impacted by this during the fall are volleyball and water polo as they are played inside. It is likely that no home spectators will be allowed for those sports.

Excluding football, the fall outdoor sports do not regularly draw 250 people (participants and spectators) so there will be minimal impact on those sports.

However, football will be impacted due to the number of participants, coaches, officials, band members, and potential spectators. Two tickets from the available allocation will be provided to seniors first, juniors second, etc.

You can read all the details here.