50 Shades of Grey House in Maple Glen Staged to Go Viral

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this weekend, you have seen and heard about the “50 Shades of Grey” house in Maple Glen.

The house, located at 1612 Norristown Road, boasts a “sexual oasis” in its basement, and is being sold furnished, as-is, for $750,000. The home is listed with Melissa Leonard of Coldwell Banker Preferred.

We exclusively spoke with the owner of the house, Vince Marie, who shared with us that the “sexual oasis” had been staged for marketing purposes. See Marie’s full quote below:

This stunt has been planned since August of last year. Even before we started putting MXS together to launch on AirBnB. Launched it in mid December with minimal marketing other than engagement on IG. So, forget the house, what’s left behind is MXS standing, just a different location. But the brand is what matters. Melissa is doing a great job at what MXS tasked her to do. Made sure more pics were taken of the private wing and including them in the listing. Recognizing that it’d be a matter of time before it went viral. So yeah, that’s the reaction it’s getting from MXS. AirBnB booking inquiries are off the hook. Objective accomplished.

We asked when the house was staged this way…

It was custom built and delivered late last year. The entire concept didn’t come to existence until early August when my girlfriend Priscilla and I put things in motion. I wanted to put it on AirBnB during the slow season of selling a house. Didn’t want it to sit stale on the market until things picked up again. There’s a back story that lead to all this. Priscilla, who happens to be a Brazilian custom wedding dress designer suggested a special theme. Apparently there are high-end sex hotels in Brazil. So why not an adult retreat where adults can just be themselves without any judgement. We did our research, visited local sex clubs. Understood the lifestyle. Saw an opportunity and with some balls and marketing, why not? Fuck it. Let’s try it. Laid new hardwood flooring on 2nd floor, and metallic epoxy in the basement. Used nicknacks to infuse some little visual compliment to the furniture in the private wing.

Et voila. MXS.
Or Maison XS.
Plans are to go international with this concept. MXS – PHL is our first location

As of this evening, if you try to visit MXS’s website via its Facebook page you will receive a message that the site is against Facebook’s community standards. If you try to visit the AirBnB booking page from MXS’/ website, you will receive a message that the listing is no longer available.

Below are photos from inside the home: