A brewery has applied to operate at Wake Coffee Roasters

Ship Bottom Brewery has submitted an application to have a “brewery storage” license at 133 South Main Street in Ambler. That is the address of Wake Coffee Roasters.

Please note that this article does not state Wake Coffee Roasters is closing. This is some type of partnership. We have to say this because people comment without reading full articles.

A “brewery storage” license allows breweries to have up to five smaller locations. These have been mostly used to open up additional traditional breweries. However, last year Workhorse Brewing in King of Prussia used this type of license to share space with a bagel restaurant in Center City.

A representative of Ship Bottom Brewery and Wake Coffee Roasters did respond to our inquiries but weren’t offering much information at this point. The license has to go through the PLCB approval process, so at this point, it is a concept that may or may not happen.

While details weren’t offered on what exactly the concept involves, the term “beer garden” was included in the PLCB database (pictured above). One thing Wake Coffee Roasters’ representative did offer is that the concept “expands past beer.”

So for now, we just have to let the approval process play out. We will have more when we know more.

Photo: Wake Coffee Roasters