Ambler Bike Race Big News in the Region

As most of you know, next Saturday, August 13th, in Ambler is the Second Annual Criterium Bike Race. NBC 10 did an online expose’ about the race featuring Ambler Mayor, Jeanne Sorg.

From NBC10:

Professional riders from all over the world — the men’s winner in the featured race last year is from New Zealand — will become blurs around the tiny borough’s race route. That route is roughly one mile and the top tier of male and female riders will do it 40 times. Mangler said the best times will likely be under 90 minutes…


“One of the great things about this race is the wind you’ll feel as the group goes by you,” said Travis Geiser, sports sales director for the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board who rode the course Thursday with Ambler Mayor Jeanne Sorg. “That’s one of the coolest feelings, the wind created by the race.”


The entire article, as well as more information about the race, can be found here.