Ambler native and Eurodance icon Audrey Trullinger feat. by The Inquirer for playing ‘Biljana Electronica’ in viral music video

Audrey Trullinger, 23, is an Ambler native and content creator who plays Eurodance star Biljana Electronica in the original video for “Planet of the Bass.”

The song is a parody from comedian Kyle Gordon that has amassed close to 100 million views across TikTok, Instagram, and X.

According to, when DJ Crazy Times aka Gordon, the video’s creator, tried to replace Trullinger as Biljana, fans demanded he bring her back.

From an article by Vulture:

His “Planet of the Bass,” featuring the dean of motherlogical studies at the University of Servington, Ms. Biljana Electronica, went viral on July 28 ahead of its official release on August 15. On August 3, DJ Crazy Times posted an alternate music video, notably not shot in the Oculus, with a person who is not Ms. Biljana Electronica. 

Gordon says the swapping was not a Scandoval level of betrayal but a deliberate joke made as an ode to the Eurodance genre, which would often switch out actresses.

Courtesy of via Kyle Gordon

Trullinger attended Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Flourtown and performed in a 2012 production of The Music Man at the Walnut Street Theatre. She has accumulated more than 1.6 million TikTok followers by creating sketch comedy characters.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

But the viral video’s true star is Audrey Trullinger, the 23-year-old actress and content creator from Ambler who plays Biljana Electronica, Gordon’s coconspirator who gallivants around the World Trade Center’s Oculus shopping center and lip-synchs the hook while wearing a baby tank that reads, “When God made man, she was only joking.”

For the full article by The Philadelphia Inquirer, you can click here. For a looped version of the video, you can watch below:

Photo courtesy of The Inquirer via Audrey Trullinger