Ambler Sushi & Poke to replace the now-closed Ambler Vegan Company on E. Butler

Ambler Vegan Company by Plant Based Human has announced its closure, and another eatery, Ambler Sushi & Poke, has taken its place.

Both restaurants are located on 20 E. Butler Avenue in Ambler.

Ambler Vegan’s farewell announcement came in the form of a Facebook post on May 29: “Goodbye and thank you for your support.”

It was featured in early 2022 by’s article “Ambler Vegan Company Makes Plant-Based Eating a Delicious Prospect.” The article can be found here.

According to, Ambler Sushi & Poke filed as a Pennsylvania Domestic Business Corporation on June 1.

We will be in touch with more details as they become available. Stay tuned.