Anyone Named Anna Banana in Ambler?

If so, you’re in luck, courtesy of Craig’s List.



$100 each block letter or $1000 for sign….Anna sign length is 64″ total and 93″ for banana all the way across. Capital letters are 23″ high and 15″ wide. Lower case letters are 16″ high and 12.5 ” wide. Depth of letters are 5.5″ for all letters Way less than new price for a similar replacement letter or whole sign…. Sign works perfectly and was only used for 6 month in new store location that didn’t work out…. Sign was purchased for 5000$ And each letter costs 275$ new. Anyone who has ever purchased a neon store sign know how expensive they are. Many strip malls now require neon. If you are opening a business pick your letters from this sign first that you need to spell your stores name and work it from there matching font and connecting wiring with your sign vendor you choose. This sign can seriously decrease your overhead starting capital. Perfect gift for someone named Anna banana or for a special event etc. Call Jay- serious inquiries only.